Sea Foam-ent

The sun did not rise.
Weary from amusing the Beach-Goers,
He lurks beneath the horizon,
Whispers to the Clouds.

He has ceded Dawn to the North Wind,
Who froths The Sea,
Sends spume scurrying o’er the sand,
Fomenting riot.

Riotous sandpipers give chase.
I throw my arms out in embrace.
Welcome home, Boreas.
Welcome Home.


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  1. O En-Nobled Sea Foam: from what Dark Depths and mysterious births hath Boreas released you, to find thy shores where innocent Pipers be lured to their poisonous demise: wilt they become Pied…..?


  2. Oh, love your top image: Summery sky, crystal arctic sea, something scary in the foreground foam. Your text : to be savoured rather than commented on.


  3. How are you doing Nadia? 🌻🌝🌞🌼


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