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  1. Muse, thy name is Calliope, Clio, Urania, Thalia in Nadia Land!
    Thou hast found thy throne in an Ancient Steinway, bringing forth under Nadia’s goddess-touch its glorious Musical Poetry.

    Loved your 1000 words; they are tumbling in my head.

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  2. Imagining a Sunday afternoon soirée at the Butler house is a lovely thought – a gathering of wonderful friends with nibbles and drinks. The highlight of the afternoon- Nadia’s performance on the piano at five o’clock .


    • Ed – what a swell soirée idée! But you’d have to bring a collection of your collection to stand ’round the room.

      Totally love what you do – awesomely imaginative ideas/concepts, and your masterful Technique is beyond words, and beyond Images even!

      you would put Images to Nadia’s words, and she words and music to your Images. Me, i would soak in the Arts!


  3. One more thing regarding your piano: the legs – unusually fine architecture here. ( Robust silhouette with tight turnings and elegant reeding ) Nice!

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