Please Don’t Go 

Count Vronsky, our rescued Russian Blue, is normally an elegant and dignified cat. But when my suitcases come out, he knows I’m leaving and dignity is out the window. His antics with my suitcases tear at my heartstrings. 

You’re not leaving without me!

There’s still room for your clothes.

or maybe I’ll just sit on this bag…

…and look really sad.

Don’t think you can distract me with ice cream!

Well maybe… just one little taste.


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  1. WOW Nadia, I love how you seem to always see the story behind what appears to be so obvious.


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  2. What you have written has just now reminded of a statement by Carl Jung: “Psychic life is for the greater part an unconscious life that surrounds consciousness on all sides–a notion that is sufficiently obvious when one considers how much unconscious preparation is needed, for instance, to register a sense-impression.”

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  3. Just honoured to share these moments with the two of you. You are both nuts.

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  4. Ahh, Nadia! Always challenging us with the Big Question: What is Art?, especialy pertinent in this Age, where Facebook and Instagram and Blogs blur the distinction.

    Perhaps the Loving Triteness theme of this post extends what Warhol tried to do with Campbell Soup cans.

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    • Yes. That’s exactly what I had in mind–updating Warhol to reflect the social-media age. Or maybe I just thought my cat was cute. Who knows? But then who knew with Warhol. So maybe it’s Warhol-esque either way. 🙂


    • Ahh. Doesnt the number count of Comments on Social Media increase the Staus in search engines, and hence Fame? 😉

      but, i really did enjoy your Comment. The nature of our Thread is what helps unblur the Distinction between Art and Social Emotionalism.

      Perhaps it will be of interest to Others…..



  5. Oh dear Nadia, he is so lovely and yes, I know this looking eyes, and this feeling 🙂 Our cat does the same thing when we prepare our suitcases 🙂 Beautiful photographs, Thank you for sharing with us, wherever you go, be in safe and enjoy your travelling. Love, nia

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  6. Poor little guy. Still… ice cream! 😛


  7. I know just how he feels!

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  8. Cats are amazing creatures. They are bonded to us but independent at the same time. Part two of the story will happen when you get back and who knows what he will do while you are gone!


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