The Morning After

A lingering wind rustles the tree tops,
It is still below,
Silent but for the birds.
Leaves shine in the morning sun
Glistening with yesterday’s rain.

Dark-hearted clouds gathered,
Formed an angry mob lashing rain
All night, all day and into night again.
Now the sky is crystalline, unblemished.

A butterfly lingers on faded late-summer blossoms,
Dries its wings.
All gives lie to the raging storm,
Makes mockery of my fear.

Celebrates the glory
Of the morning after.



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  1. Electric!

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  2. As always: You Got It. ( few ever do!!! )

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  3. One for “the book”. One for the ages.

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  4. I’ll give you a “love” on this one.


  5. So beautiful, so beautiful! Thank you, Love, nia

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  6. Beautiful, Nadia.

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  7. Top image of butterfly: I keep going back to it. A sure sign of real art.

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