I need a break. To step away from staring into the space between pulsars and pulsing brains. From pondering the ineffable. Sometimes one has to acknowledge that the “effable” is right around us, in our friends, our home, our family.

Our family now includes two quirky cats: Count Vronsky and Muse. Count Vronsky is a rescued Russian Blue, a very earnest fellow who is aware of his long, aristocratic heritage. Muse is our little gift from the universe, appearing on our deck a year ago. She is hilariously playful. But when she settles down, she takes on a look that speaks of her royal lineage as well (we believe she is the descendent of royal cats from the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul).

Muse is a third of Vronsky’s size, but yet she loves to torment him, sneaking up on him, ambushing him from behind furniture or even from the fireplace. The chase scenes through the house and up and down stairs can be like an episode from the Keystone Cops (Cats?).

Pounce 2

But when play time is over, both cats are quite particular about their appearance. We have arranged two blankets on our couch, one in Count Vronsky’s colors and the other in Muse’s. Without fail, when they join us for a family gathering, Muse settles on her blanket and Vronsky on his. (We’re not telling the Count that his butt is hanging off his blanket. He does not like to be laughed at.)

Fashion Cats

We smile as we watch them arranging themselves. It is a moment of pure and simple pleasure. A moment of the heart, free from the endless questioning of the mind. And in it lies all the answers.

Where is she? I know she’s somewhere waiting to pounce.
Muse Banner
Here I am.


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  1. Quelle merveilleuse riche poste multidimensionnel! Mais encore!

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  2. Look at that face. How adorable. Bye world, hello cat. ❤

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  3. fpaulbutler@gmail.com March 4, 2016 — 1:21 pm

    Talk about homesick. Simply beautiful. Never tire of the expressions on their faces.

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  4. Must find some quiet time later in the day to savor this!


  5. There is nothing better than these simple truths. Great family photos as well!


  6. … 🙂 and Here I am too! They are so lovely dear Nadia, I love cats so much. Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, Love, nia

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