Time flies on Halcyon’s wing
Kingfisher cackles frogs sing
O’er daphne-scented waters
Ushers to another spring.

One time ‘round the sun
The earth has flown…

The air was filled with Daphne’s scent when I started Reflections on Halcyon Pond. It was February 24, during what I call Secret Spring, the time when our world is reawakening from winter. I had intended to write something beautiful and profound to celebrate the anniversary, if only for myself. But I got lost on the way.
I have been listening to interviews with astronauts and neurosurgeons. One speaks of the cosmos, of pulsars rhythmically emitting energy into space. The other speaks of the physical beauty of the brain, its pink hills and valleys. Its fluid-filled membrane that pulsates in rhythm with the heart.
And I got lost. Lost in the enormity of the mystery. The endless rhythm of the seasons. The exquisite beauty of the mind. The vast emptiness of space. Energy passing between heart and mind, defining Self. Energy pulsing into space. Everything pulsing to the universal song.

The brain pulses
It follows the heart
The heart pulses speaks to the brain
Heart and mind, the rhythm of Self.
Earth hurtles around the sun
Seasons go seasons come.
A pulsar beats
Energy flows like blood through space.

An infinite rhythm
Continuo to the song of the stars.


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  1. “Heart and mind, the rhythm of Self.” Yes!

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  2. This is amazing! I could feel what you were trying to say.

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  3. Just read this. I see I must spend A Lot more time to relish your sentiment. Wonderful, insightful , beautiful.

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  4. Beautiful, soul food. Thanks for giving us your struggle!

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  5. fpaulbutler@gmail.com February 28, 2016 — 3:22 am

    You continue to amaze me. You are truly exceptional.

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  6. But what of a World where Connection is but a symptom of our Shadow World Fears, dark matter that makes us afraid of being Free, Alone, a lone drummer in the midst of a band of soloists? Would the drummer stop when the others leave?

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  7. Nice ones!

    Indeed, it seems we’re in similar time. Or maybe we’re the same person…

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  8. Beautiful. Inspiring. Your time spent creating this was not wasted, at all. Thanks.

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