I published this in February, when I first started blogging.

Misty Ridge Musings

It’s a gray day on Halcyon Pond. No clouds. No wind. No drama. Nothing.

Just gray.

The type of day that can pull you in and make you lose all motivation. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that when we’re down, we describe our mood as “blue”. It’s so much more difficult to be down when the sky is blue and the sun shining. Why aren’t our down moods described as “gray”, I wonder?

Or… It’s a day where the sky is blank. Like a blank screen before a movie starts; filled with anticipation. Where will the movie take me? Will I laugh, cry, be terrified? Or have a new insight? It is a moment filled with limitless potential. The kind of day to contemplate Life’s truths.

Life is banal and profound. We all are born, grow, ride the waves of ecstasy and despair, struggle for meaning, and die. Hundreds of billions of us have…

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  1. Nadia, I finally decided to take off a couple of days which means I get to enjoy one of my guilty pleasures.. Reading. Today I get to read, not for the purpose of then teaching others, but only for the purpose of teaching me.
    It’s gray out today, so foggy that I can’t see past my back window. There is a mild winter thunderstorm passing through and I am feeling more at peace than I have in days. Thank you for your contribution to my day! Peace! Niles


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