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  1. what a gorgeous complexity, rearranging the roles of Sun, Sky, Sea, Clouds, and Heavens. Cosmology will never be the same!

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  2. Back to your posts? Wonderful ! Great to have something positive in this world.

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  3. You have been gone too long. Glad to see this!

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  4. Beautiful Nadia! I strongly relate to the Sun, as you know.

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  5. Love the contrast in the clouds. Hope you’re doing well. Big hugs.

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  6. I love that you are writing again. I was so excited to see your wonderful pond waiting for me in my email. And your words provided me just the beautiful imagery I needed to get lost in! Thank you!

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  7. Yes! Your words pierce the veil of my humanness and stir my inner creative love source…Life.

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