Sunset on Halcyon Pond

Silence reins on Halcyon Pond.
That is all that rains.
A drought has set in; the last storm having raged weeks ago.
Dry and quiet.
Quiet but for the riot of color in the sky, and the symphony of emotion raging within.
This is my last sunset on my beloved pond.
Tomorrow I will venture out, making the journey to our new home.
Two decades, one score, spent here in contemplation, cloistered in the forest, a monastery of trees.
I have watched the circle of life dance through my garden and over over pond.
I have known the seasons with great intimacy, smelled the earth’s dark and its light.
I’ve spent these dry weeks sorting through my life, settling scores.
Choosing which mementos to take, which to leave behind. Which memories can I trust to linger without objects to anchor them?
I leave behind a community of loved ones. Wondering… which friends will persist without presence to anchor them?
It is like a small taste of death, this parting. Recognizing one will be missed, but that absence is filled in time.
The sea always fills the depressions in the sand left by our footsteps. It may take many waves, but eventually the sand is smooth, its surface seemingly undisturbed.
But still, our presence persists, in spite of absence.
Love persists.
It is to the sea I go.
Leaving the embrace of the forest, the embrace of my friends, I venture out to meet the sky and sea where there is no obstruction between me and the great expanse of existence.
Wondering… what stories await me there.


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  1. I enjoyed your love image and words!

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  2. So sad, so hopeful, so fortunate to share past, present and future with you.

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  3. Perfect image for the season. ( in more ways than one )
    Will read text this afternoon.

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  4. one wishes it were possible to capture all the memories of that stunningly beautiful and magical place. Despite the sorrow of leaving, i envy you the experience and the anticipation of the beginning of a new adventure

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  5. Just read your beautiful text. For a reply, I say this: Amen. Godspeed.

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  6. Dear Nadia, I can almost understand your feelings, I am same as you, but you know wherever you go, the magic is with you, you carry it with yourself. Good Luck for your new home and place. My Best wishes, Thank you, Love, nia

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  7. My first words to you (how many years ago? a lifetime, in a way): “you are my benefactor”. You have been the person to see me through raging storms and lingering malaise. Nadia, you are the most beautiful creation of nature and your Halcyon Pond will be with you, as part of your soul. I love you dearly.

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  8. Beautiful picture, beautiful wordswords. Wishing you equally beautiful things to come. 🍃


  9. This is a lovely “goodbye post”, Nadia. I hope your new home brings health an happiness.

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  10. Beautiful! The words you use, the feeling you express and the action in It is to the sea I go. I wish you well and hope to read this between your lines. Brian

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  11. Dear Nadia, I just wanted to say my best wishes, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, I hope and wish you are fine and getting used to your new placce. Love, nia

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