Sunset Rorschach (2)

The sky is canvas to the setting sun
Bold strokes, color,
Form freed of images
Abstract expression
(The sun taught Motherwell to paint)

Wanting certainty
We shun abstraction
Create images in stars, clouds, sky
Young men streaming manes of stars,
Angels of nature, or
White mules and a column of smoke

What do you see?
A home in darkness?
Under threatening skies?
Elegy to another day’s end.

Or the peace of evening.
Time for rest.
The silver edging harbinger of
The breath of a new dawn


Please go see Motherwell’s Reconciliation Elegy here:
Reconciliation Elegy





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  1. This piece is very fine. Will savor this again and again.

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  2. Wow, this is great! Fantastic!

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  3. Oh Nadia…you’ve captured something that can’t really be described except in questions and awe!

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  4. Looking back over your work it occurs to me that all this would make a stunning book. Text on one page, image on facing page. Of course the reproductions would have to be of stellar quality to capture the beauty of your imagery.

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  5. This is amazing, I mean your creation and inspiration! In many ways hit me, Thank you dear Nadia, love, nia

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  6. Beautiful image and words. Indeed a Rorchach of nature. “Wanting certainty we shun abstraction”, lots of food for thought there!

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  7. Form freed of images reminds me of the heart suttra. I love the photo and your words matches it well!


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