Early spring is painted in a shimmering palette; its colors so full of the life force that they border on lurid. If I were to paint our garden replicating its colors, the result would be called amateurish. But in nature these colors are glorious.

Glorious. I had to look up the word to know its precise meaning. Resplendent. Magnificent. Yes, these are words I would use to describe the moment.

It happens every year, this resurgence of life. But every year it once again fills me with awe. Plants thrust out of the ground like missiles from their silos. They grow inches each day. And then unfurl leaves like dancers embracing the sky, the rain, the sun and the pure glory of life.

To stop and look and study is to fill one’s heart with wonder. To come so close to the mystery that you are filled with the excruciating beauty of it all.

I cannot help but let my mind wander once again to outer space. To see this moment from its vast emptiness. The growth at my feet floats in a universe in which we have not yet found its duplicate. It is something of such literal improbability that it is impossible to contain in my mind.

Thank goodness we do not need to understand in order to embrace the glory.

Maple Glory


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  1. And vice versa! Science strips the clothes from Art, allowing Truth to be revealed.

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  2. It ‘twould be interesting to have a contest between God’s Color Palettes and those of Man, e.g., the Post Impressionists , Fauvists, Colorists, and today’s graphic artists to see which is most “amateurish”.

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    • Methinks nature would win every time.


      • In total disagreement. IMHO: what distinguishes Nature Art from Man Art is Texture. No artist can ever reproduce, much less exceed the Textures of Nature. But Color? Whatever Nature generates can be outblasted by the color palletes of Man, even by Amateurs. Color has a lot to do with Harmony, colors in concert with each other in subtle shades and tones that clash and resonate, and Nature, whose primary purpose is not Art, fails there routinely.


  3. Adding a voice from the one who is privileged to share the splendiferous sanctuary created by Miss Nadia…Holy Crap!

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  4. There is one thing we all know about you: you have the artist’s eye, and that rare thing- a mind to match.

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  5. Sometimes when the mind starts to wonder about the biodiversity of the planet and that moment when you realise that it is all too much to take in. That moment.

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  6. colorful and fresh look 🙂

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