Beyond the Pond

It’s time.

Time to get serious about writing about the world beyond Halcyon Pond. I’ve occasionally published posts here based on my travels, but there’s more to share; photos that evoke place, contemplations on the meaning of travel and our varied human existence.

I’ve set up a new site The World Beyond Halcyon, where I can go into more detail on the places I’ve visited. Some of you are already subscribed, and you may see posts repeated from this site. Bear with me. New material is coming soon. And if you’re not subscribed, I’d love to see you there.



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  1. I will be a keen subscriber to your new site. Looking forward to it!


  2. Interesting I was thinking of opening up another as I do want this one for nature and here!


  3. Lovely to find your beautiful blog.


  4. Dear Nadia, your sharings, your photographs, your words, poems, are so beautiful. You see with your eyes the poetry of life, poetry of nature… and also you hear the songs of the life… they are all in your posts. Fascinated me. I am your new follower of all your voyages in blogging world. Thank you, Love, nia


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