Rain, rein, reign

Confusion rains down on Halcyon Pond.
Winter is a weak sovereign this year, refusing to take the reins. Summer roars back to fill the power vacuum. With thunder lightening torrential rain, it rips through the barren landscape.

It is the season for quiet, for hibernation and reflection. But none of us can rest if Winter will not reign.

The peepers sing tentatively, wondering why they are awake. Buds swell. All nature is creeping out wondering, “Is it time?” All is in danger, threatened by this fickle king, Winter.




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  1. I love your pond, regardless of the weather conditions.

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  2. lightship612@aol.com December 25, 2015 — 9:36 am

    Tis not Winter, but humankind that fails to reign.. With denial of free will to halt the Change.

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  3. Thank you for the report from South Carolina. Much the same here in DC. Warm, grey, and wet; cherry trees in blossom. Come back winter. Give us clear, cold , blue sky days. Let the cherry trees go back to sleep.


  4. Of course I know your piece is not a report, but much more !


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