Summer’s Ebb

The mornings whisper of fall, raising a cool mist on Halcyon Pond. Summer is losing interest; sleeping in later and leaving earlier each day. Except for the zinnias and our out-of-control banana, the late-summer garden looks weary, eager for rest.


Tomato Caterpillar

Horned tomato caterpillars have stripped the tomato plants. How is it that in this great, broad forest this caterpillar can find the one small plant that it so loves to devour? I try to romanticize it, but the caterpillar is revolting and its moth so unremarkable that even I am unsuccessful.

The squirrels already strip pine cones, harvesting the nuts, preparing for the hardship of winter. They toss the stripped cones from the heights of the trees, and at times I would swear they aim at us for sport.

Skink and Spider

I watch a wolf spider drop from a pine tree on its silken bungee. It strides with purpose across the deck, rising up when it walks, like a ballerina en pointe (x4) and sinks back down when it stops. I wonder at our natural aversion to spiders; they are not our predator and rarely harm us. And just at that moment–SNAP! Emotions are overturned–dread turns to pity. The fearsome spider is in an instant captured by a skink and becomes an evening meal.

A dragonfly pauses briefly in its quest to consume hundreds of mosquitoes today.

Dragonfly Silhouette

I sit contemplating the Roman orgy that is Nature; a constant ebb and flow of procreation and feasting. Everything around Halcyon Pond is eating or being eaten. But all too soon, peace will descend when all, having gorged on late-summer’s fruits, fall into their long winter sleep.


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  1. A beautiful piece. We all feel these things, but few can put such feelings and observations into words as well as you.

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  2. I love your Halcyon Pond Menagerie of Life – and Death – Forms!

    Your words are their Voice, speaking Old Wisdom about the “nature” of Life, writ large and small, to us all.

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  3. Beautifully written Nadia, I do love your style which I probably have said before. Well it must be that I truly love it than :-). Reading this gives me a little relaxation tonight! Thank you.

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