Into Thin Air 1

Each building has its story.
Each story many rooms.
In each room another story,
Lives reflecting other lives.
Hid behind distorted panes,
Reflecting pain of others’ lives,
Stories stacked on other stories,
Vanish as they reach the sky.

Thin Air


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  1. Worthy of Emily Dickinson.


  2. The photo combo, both integral to the writings, is spectacular. The color closeup, with the gold and grey-blue highlights of the “aliased” buildings has depth that invites many relooks, and the B&W “vanishing point” is a powerful contrast that pulls us personally, reluctantly, anxiously, into the infinite. And both, individually and ensemble are integral to the dual-themed writings, abstracting the highly personal of the “rooms” with the existential vanishing-nothingness of our lives “into thin air”. We are all this.

    And what a great title. It’s the super-structure of the photo-essay supporting it.

    uh oh – I just got pulled into violating my anti-social-media belief – it must be a very compelling post!


  3. I’m blown away…wow. The picture supports the write up amazingly well too. Great work!


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