I believe in the Mystery
I believe in awe and wonder
the Mystery made self-evident in our souls
I believe in Trust
that a trusted man will act nobly
Faith made self-evident
I believe in Love
even when all evidence argues against it
the Mystery made self-evident among us
I believe in Magic
the Love that binds us all
and all things together
I believe in Faith
even when I have none
I believe our song is the song of the stars
our music is born of the winds of the universe
I believe in the Mystery.


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  1. June 28, 2015 — 9:33 am

    Which is more powerful belief or knowledge? Is there truth in either? Can one exist without confirmation from the other? Plus ultra, B

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  2. If only the whole world had such a Credo!


  3. The Photo! The Similarities are stunning: Joining Renaissance art images with today’s science images, as One. And then, the Words: the enjoining of the fundaments of Science with the fundaments of BeingHuman. Your ideas are indeed Hubble-like, with their engaging microscopy as a path to macroscopic Truths. . ( geez, I must’ve had too much coffee this AM, or, too much Booker’s last night).


  4. Doxastic Volunteerism well illustrated.

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