Go ahead.
Judge me.
After a morning of being herded like this poor goat…

Base of a column in Il Duomo, Siena, Italy

And seeing endless but important, Pre-Renaissance art…

Maestà of Duccio, Siena, Italy, 1308 – 1311 Front of alter piece installed in Il Duomo, now in museum. New form of iconography, notice more human depiction, especially of Mary and Jesus. Also notice that hands of Mary and Jesus form a cross over the body of Jesus.
Maria di Mose, 1285 -1296 Giovanni Piasano Il Duomo Museum, Siena
Simone, 1285 – 1296 Giovanni Piasano Il Duomo Museum, Siena
Early Michaelangelo sculpture in Il Duimo, Siena. Michelangelo was his own model (notice broken nose) in this represention of St. Someone.
St. Paul, Early Michelangelo, Il Duomo, Siena. Michelangelo was his own model (notice broken nose)

This is what I feel like…

Palazzo Pubblico Museum

Nothing a little Campari Orange can’t fix.


Sorry. Nothing profound today. I’m one exhausted lemming.


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  1. Well earned!


  2. Nice picture of Sienna!


  3. We have all been there: the art! the heat! the exhaustion! Sip your drink! Maybe another!

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  4. briannaryan26 June 9, 2015 — 7:46 pm

    You would have given me so much grief if I’d said this.
    I won’t judge you though. 🙂

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  5. I hate to admit this, but it reminds me of my visit to Beulah Grove Baptist Church. After 3 1/2 hours my “holy attentiveness” was spent. I had to go immediately for a pint….. Oh the shame! Sublime objects can only be absorbed by the gram, not the ton. Beautiful images and stunning artistry. The true genius is the person who thought to extract a human figure (and his garments!) from a block if stone.


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