It’s a Pink Floyd morning
Time to make love, not war
To confound the confining conformity
The hypocritical, hypercritical, hypermorality
Throw off bonds
Throw off clothes
Throw up our hands
Dance, sing, laugh
Twirl naked
Caressed by sun and sky
Spinning singing twirling
Fall down laughing loving Earth
Celebrate the holy mystery


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  1. Tokoni O. Uti May 13, 2015 — 9:10 am

    Beautiful piece


  2. So happy to be once again with the author of such wonderful beauty crafted in words.

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  3. lovely poem

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  4. Let me stop you right there. “Throw off clothes.” Sold! Especially in the vicinity of a pond. Great work, Nadia. x

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  5. I am a firm believer in celebrating the holy mystery. Just make sure you can get away with it!


  6. Just reread your piece and a word came to mind: Dionysian.


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