I have been fascinated since I was child by the paradoxes of life.

It is excruciating and exhilarating to sit at the pinnacle of a paradox and contemplate its disparate truths. The ever-shifting boundary between dark and light, between yin and yang, between life and death. The boundary that forms no division except in our imperfect understanding. It is at this infinitesimal point that the meaning of life resides. It is elusive, ephemeral, ineffable—all the complex, unknowable words that I love. That is my Everest.

I am traveling two paths. The blogs I’ve posted so far are, as you know, Reflections on Halcyon Pond. I’ve set up a separate site, Beyond Halcyon Pond, where I will post travelogs that explore the paradoxes of human culture–differences that lead us into mortal battle, but which are underlain by identical dreams and desires.

I invite you to join me on this journey into the mystery…


[For those of you who wonder sometimes what my photos have to with the subject of the post… What do you see in the photo? A dock reflected in the water? Two docks…
Are you with me?
A pair of docks?


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  1. This has got to be the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. It’s lovely and serene and just peaceful. It makes me wish for a time when everything works like clockwork.


  2. Wow, you got it. Also very glad to to hear of your new blog: Beyond Halcyon Pond. I look forward to it.


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