Exit Blanch DuBois

The air was heavy and still this morning. It carried the burden of a full night’s perfume from the just-opened Casa Blanca lilies. Intoxicating; but perhaps a bit cloying. The pre-dawn stillness belied the beach madness that was certain to follow. It was a Tennessee Williams mise en scene, just waiting for the entrance of Blanche DuBois.

I had my dawn walk, greeted The Sun as he breached the horizon, ignoring the intrusion of Beach Goers into my sanctuary.

I retuned home, only to find that The Sun had followed and graced me with a brief moment of glory as he shone his light on me through the fragile beauty of a blossom. The harsh white sunlight that glares on The Beach, here softening to a glow of Grace. The soft orange and gold of sunrise captured in a blossom.


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  1. Thank you, Nadia, for your beautiful thoughts and words that lift me out of the miasma for a blessed while

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  2. Image one to be painted by: Georgia O’keeffe. Image two to be painted by Turner. Image three to be painted by: don’t know! All this a moot point really, since all three stunningly captured by : Nadia Butler .

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  3. How beautiful Nadia! Your words do justice to nature’s glory.

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