Aphrodite’s Tears

Midst verdant cleavage

Glistening jewel thief’s bounty

Aphrodite’s tears


But why does Aphrodite weep?
She is the Goddess of Love
Born of the sea,
Rising from the waves
Clothed only in Original Tears
For Love is the Source
Of all tears.


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  1. Brilliant captures. Love the water droplets and how still they look. Have never seen light look actually tactile before. You’ve made it three-dimensional. Beautiful work. Poor Aphrodite, she’s always meant well.

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  2. aahh the Tears! were they from Aphrodite or of Aphrodite – her reputation for breaking hearts being renowned.
    Love the purple-passioned flowers that sprung up under her feet as she emerged from Sea Foam and walked the seacoast.

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  3. I’m often at a loss for words with your posts. They just get me where I live.

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  4. fpaulbutler@gmail.com July 4, 2020 — 2:14 pm

    Aphrodite’s Tears by Hannah Fielding (Goodreads Author)

    You’ve read?


  5. so nice to see human thoughts in this time of pain and sorrow and rage. You always capture the beauty of our surroundings

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  6. Oh Lord, I’m so shallow….all I could think was ‘why don’t the deer eat Nadia’s
    Hosta?’ I’ll have to work on that.

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