Into Thin Air 2

Central Park

Shimmering grasses gaze
Across the water
Shimming buildings reflect
Their stories stacked on stories
Vanish into thin air.
Dwarfed by earth and sky
Dwarf the people below.

At their feet a man,
Sweeps the walks
Empties trash bins.
Sits only when all is clean
Then cleans himself.
Face hands fingernails,
Between his toes.
Sits reflecting.

This is his home,
He is not homeless.
People drive through
Walk through
Stare through
He is Not.

Into Thin Air 2


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  1. I love the way the first two stanzas set up the third stanza, which, by subtle inference, lays out more than one Big Question for us: what is Home, what does it mean to be Humans in Solitude and Humans Connected, and how those different aspects of being Human are reflected in our Society’s Labels and (failed) obligations. The post adds a prism, a perspective, that can serve us all well, if we choose to look through it. Much like the Rabbit Hole.

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  2. Beautiful, observant, thought provoking .

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  3. loved those reflections 🙂


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