Home Again

I feel like I’ve been away from the nourishing peace of Halcyon Pond. That I need to return, to let my mind expand and embrace the larger realities of life again. It is strange that writing Mad Men : : Angry Women has made me feel constricted. It has made me miss my contemplations.

Can it be that there truly are phases of our lives that must be respected? That it is not wise to move backwards and trod paths we’ve already traversed? I had thought that it was important to share the perspective gained from years of dealing with troubling issues. But maybe it is time to bring those experiences forward and allow them to bring depth and color to the present, rather than to stare at them in sharp focus.

Maybe it’s time to contemplate the faerie lights of Halcyon Pond and to allow myself to sink completely into the world that lies beyond our immediate understanding…


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  1. Continue to enrich lives in several dimensions…..

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  2. The world beyond our immediate understanding awaits. Embrace it.


  3. Nice Save! The MM:AW post had us on the ledge Don Draper is falling, falling eternally from into The Abyss. Those ponded faerie lights are indeed a lighthouse message from the gods, pulling us back from the ledge, and guiding us thru the Straits Paul mentioned.


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